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People Serving People

Ayalon Insurance Company was established in 1976 by the late Mr. Yitzchak Rachmani through Shlomo Rachmani and Sons Ltd. and the foreign insurance company, New Zealand. Shlomo Rachmani & Sons Ltd. was a family insurance agency established back in 1949 by the late Mr. Shlomo Zalman Rachmani (the father of the late Mr. Levi Yitzchak Rachmani). In 1987, as a result of reorganization, New Zealand sold its holdings in Ayalon to the Rachmani Family. The company is a public company that fully owned by Ayalon Holdings Ltd. and controlled by Mr. Levi Yitzchak Rachmani and his relatives (68.7%) and the remainder by the public.

About Ayalon Insurance Ltd. – One of Israel’s Largest Insurance Groups

Ayalon is one of Israel’s six largest insurance groups, and has the broad backing of the world’s leading reinsurers, including Swiss Re, Munich Re, Partner Re, Everest Re and SCOR.

The Group employs 900 people, runs an insurance agency for pension arrangements, real estate companies and a wide system of 2,600 agents and agencies nationwide.

It is engaged in general insurance, long term savings and health insurance, but its main focus is on general insurance, a field whose profitability is the highest in the industry.

It places its focus on innovation in all fields of its activity, with a unique variety of insurance policies and products to meet the needs of its customers.

Company Vision

The Company reflects its vision in its motto of People Serving People, and in its values that express the human side of insurance.

Distinction through providing insured parties and insurance agents with a high level of service.

Strengthening and maintaining the human capital and the professionalism.

Fairness and respect when dealing with customers, business partners and employees.

Innovation in its work processes and the digital field.

Sabbath Observing Investment Channels

Ayalon as a traditional Sabbath observing company, was the first insurance company in the industry to open investment channels that adhere to Jewish law, for the benefit of the Sabbath observing investors.


Mr. Aaron Fogel, Chairman of the Board
In January of 2017, Ayalon Pension and Provident Ltd. merged with Meitav Dash Provident Funds and Pension Ltd., which currently manages the pension and provident activities of Ayalon. Ayalon holds 20% of Meitav Dash Provident Funds and Pension Ltd. shares. The Ayalon Group has a number of subsidiaries, including Ayalon Neemanim Insurance Agencies Ltd., which specializes in pension arrangements and Ayalon H.L.B. Assets & Investments Ltd., which operates as the real estate arm of the company.

IR Contact

For investor queries about Ayalon, please contact:

Ms. Sagit Sabag, CPA
Head of Investor Relations & Corporate Projects
Tel: +972 (54) 6474 212